Eagan Listings: A Hyper-Local Analysis

Eagan, Specifically

I have been helping clients look for homes in the upper to high $300s in Eagan/District 196 for the past several months, and have a few observations.

One. There are not very many to choose from! Those that are priced rightand are in good shape (pretty much move in condition) are selling in days.

Two. Move in condition is so important. Don’t believe it when you tell yourself that the new owner can paint that 1990’s red accent wall in the dining room. Or that the polished brass light fixture over the kitchen table is still pretty.

(It’s not.)

Or that buyers can look past clutter and dirt. Or why should you change things out, when the new owner can do it themselves?

A truth about buyers (you and me included): THEY HAVE NO IMAGINATION. If they can’t see it in your house, it doesn’t exist. Seriously. Don’t even try. Take your agent’s advice and if they offer the services of a stager, use them. Professional staging is part of what I offer every one of my sellers, at my expense. If you interview an agent who doesn’t offer this or makes you pay, please call me.

Three. Price. If it’s priced too high for the condition of the home, IT WILL SIT ON THE MARKET until the price comes down. Take your agent’s advice on pricing the home. For sure do not hire the agent who tells you the highest listing price. No no no. The market determines the price; not you, not the agent, not your neighbors. Having been in dozens of homes in Eagan (and elsewhere), I know what the price should be for the condition of your home, and am happy to help improve the condition to improve the price.

Four. Do you have a house to sell in the upper to high $300,000s in the Eagan High School attendance area? Do you know someone who is thinking of selling? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

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